On August 22nd 2019, I took to the skies over Peterborough to complete a daring 13,000ft tandem parachute jump for Age UK Leicestershire and Rutland.

In contrast to my previous events, this particular challenge required no physical training, but was much more a mental challenge as I have a fear of both heights and falling.

As I got into the plane, which was tiny, I started to really feel the nerves, fortunately at that point there is very little you can do other than suck it up, and I’m so glad I did, it was an amazing experience, and it raised a lot of awareness for the Age UK, a fantastic charity that helped both my grandmas in the past.

Currently Fundraising is at £1906 in online donations, but I still have 4 challenges left this year so there is still plenty of opportunity to raise even more.


August sees me supporting Age UK. The over-60s are the fastest-growing group in society and there are more of them than ever before. Both of my grandads died very early so my grandmas were alone for a long time. We were fortunate enough to be able to move them close by so could spend more time with them but charities such as Age UK gave them other avenues to meet people an socialise which was critical to their long-term health and well-being.


Quite simply, I’ll be doing a Parachute Jump… but that’s enough for me! Uniquely this challenge doesn’t require any physical training or preparation. However, I have an intense fear of heights (and falling from them) so this will all be about trying to overcome a fear that has held my back in the past.


Age UK is the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life.

Ageing is not an illness, but it can be challenging. At Age UK we provide services and support at a national and local level to inspire, enable and support older people.

We stand up and speak for all those who have reached later life, and also protect the long-term interests of future generations.

Information & advice 

We help millions of people to know their rights and make the best choices for later life.

Health & care 

We put people in control of the care they receive, while sharing best practice to improve services.


We tackle loneliness, get older people active, and support people to stay independent for longer.

Campaigning & research 

We run campaigns and conduct research to help make later life better for older people today and tomorrow.

Age UK network We help the network to offer vital community support by providing unrestricted income, helping it raise money, and working together to improve quality.

International Age UK’s international charity delivers our work in some of the poorest countries around the world.